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312 cm x 230 cm

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  • ID: 2790
  • Name: Sarough (lambswool, fine weave)
  • Size: 230 cm W x 312 cm L
  • Woven: Hand-Knotted 
  • Origin: Persian
  • Pile: 100% Lambswool
  • Foundation: 100% Cotton
  • Dying: Natural Dyes
  • UNIQUE: Only 1 in stock
  • CERTIFIED GENUINE: Comes with Certificate of Authenticity
    This rug is hand-knotted in a large area surrounding the village of sarough in the western parts of Central Persia. The Village of sarough produces stunning medallion and corner rugs and exquisite all over Herati patterns, the lush carpets feature beautifully isolated bouquets and shrubs best represents the unique aesthetic of sarough rugs. Sarough rugs derive their name from an obscure village in Persia , located twenty miles north of Arak. Over a short span of history, this village produced some of the most highly regarded Persian weavings of the late 19 century.These rugs are very fine with short velvet like pile of excellent quality with high durability. The workmanship is of high quality from hand spun wool to preparing the natural dyes from organic plants and roots to dye the wool in different colors in preparation for weaving.

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