With over 30 Years Experience in Carpet Weaving and Restoration of Hand-Knotted rugs and fine antique rugs, our expert master rug weaver can restore any rugs from Persian Hand-Knotted, Afghan, Pakistan, and all other rugs including machine knotted rugs.We take pride in putting beauty back into a work of woven art and restoring its beauty and made it last for generations to come.


Fringe Repairs
    Fringe of rugs can somtimes get damaged due to high traffic and pets. It is good to montitor your rugs fringe to see if its in stable condition and secure. In case your rug does need a repair we can suggest few options depending on how severe the damage is. Securing and repairing  your rugs fringes will protect your rug from unraveling and keep the rug looking great for many years to come.
    Repairing Sides
    Like Fringes the sides of your rug can also get worn over time if they are in a high traffic area. When we repair the sides of your rug we will need to match the same colour of the wool of your rug to ensure it looks the same. Reparing the sides of your rugs will protect the rug from unraveling and give your a rug a much cleaner look. 
    Repairing Holes & Tears
    When we repair holes in your rug we first have to rebuild the foundation of the rug as when the rug was woven. The second step is to weave the area over the foundation of the rug. The wool has to be matched exactly and skilfully woven. Once this is done the area is then sheared down to match the rest of the pile of the rug.
     Repairing Mouth Damage
    Becuase moths eat organic and natrual dyed wool, for this reason if your rug is not cleaned and washed regularly over time moths and other insects inside the fibers of your rug will eat the wool. Becuae most rugs have a cotton foundation the wool is eaten and the rug remains intact. If your rug has a hole this has to be repaired as soon as possible in order not to let the hole expand to othe areas of the rug.


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