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Beautiful Clean Rug & Allergen-Free Home.

Let our rug cleaning bring out the rich and stunning shades originally found in your Oriental or Persian and Machine Knotted rugs back to life.
Protect the delicate materials of your handmade rug and improve its natural luster.
Ensure your rug doesn’t deteriorate through neglect or using the wrong kinds of treatments.
Make your home healthier by eliminating dust and other allergens that can collect in your rug's fibres, collecting dust mites and other bacteria’s.

    As a commitment to helping your home become a healthier living space, We are pleased to offer our rug cleaning and washing methods are organic as used 2500 years ago by Nomadic tribal people. Using 100% biodegradable, non-toxic and completely organic products, we provide you with a truly healthier solution to cleaning your rugs.

    We only use Organic natural formulated shampoos and enzymes to ensure the rugs natural fibers, dyes and durability stay intact in the rug cleaning and washing process and to maintain the future quality and protecting the wool from breaking and giving a shine back to your rugs. 

    With over 30 years experience in Rug Cleaning and Washing, We Service all types of rugs from Persian Hand-Knotted to Machine Knotted rugs.