When you purchase a Hand-Knotted Persian rug from us, you will be provided with an electronic PDF Certificate Of Authenticity emailed to you along with the invoice, or we can post a hard copy to your address. 

A Certificate of Authenticity outlines the make and description of your rug specifying the region it was woven in, material used, age, purchase value and a brief history about the rug. Each rug has a story behind it so we would love you to know more about your rug.

Our Certificate of Authenticity is a real appraisal of your rug.

We all know that burglaries are on the rise and that a flood, fire or any accident can happen to our house out of nothing and create considerable damage, so it is wise to get your rug insured. We consider therefore necessary that the warranty was much more than a simple certificate, but a real ownership and identity document of the carpet; practically an appraisal. Our Certificate Of Authenticity comes with a added photograph, date, and purchase price, owner data and information about the rug. 

We work with all major NZ insurance companies for Flood Damage, House fires, General Content insurance, and rug Appraisals and Valuations.


Sample Certificate of Authenticity