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208 cm x 140 cm

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  • ID: 775
  • Name: Borujerd 
  • Size: 208 cm W x 140 cm L
  • Woven: Hand-Knotted 
  • Origin: Persian
  • Age: Contemporary (not used)
  • Pile: 100% Wool
  • Foundation: 100% Cotton
  • Dying: Natural Dyes
  • UNIQUE: Only 1 in stock
  • CERTIFIED GENUINE: Comes with Certificate of Authenticity
    Borujerd rugs are different from Luri rugs as well as rugs of Arak and Central Iran. However, they have more features similar with rugs of Hamadan region. Borujerd rugs are often produced in small (one to two square meters) using local wool and natural colors. Families in the city of Borujerd and its surrounding villages are involved in producing hand-made rugs and carpets.




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