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90 cm x 485 cm

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  • ID: 1015
  • Name: Kurdi (Rare, Antique)
  • Size: 90 cm W x 485 cm L
  • Woven: Hand-Knotted 
  • Origin: Persian
  • Age: Antique
  • Pile: 100% Wool
  • Foundation: 100% Wool
  • Dying : Natural dyes
  • UNIQUE: Only 1 in stock
  • CERTIFIED GENUINE: Comes with Certificate of Authenticity
    This rug is knotted by Kurdish nomads in western Iran/Persia. The nomads are nowadays resident but used to travel along the borders of Iraq and Turkey. The patterns are often mina-khani, Herati, geometrical rhombs and medallions. The colors used in the carpet is mostly dark with blue or red base colors. These rugs are very rare and hard to come by, made from hand-spun wool and dyed with natural dyes to bring out its beautiful designs.

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