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202 cm x 300 cm


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  • ID: SILISF343
  • Name: Isfahan (Signed Piece) 
  • Size: 202 cm W x 300 cm L
  • Woven: Hand-Knotted ( By Master Weaver)
  • Age: New
  • Origin: Persian
  • Pile: 100% Wool & Silk
  • Foundation: 100% Silk
  • Dying : Natural dyes
  • UNIQUE: Only 1 in stock
  • CERTIFIED GENUINE: Comes with Certificate of Authenticity

This Signed Isfahan rug is knotted in the city of Isfahan in southwestern Persia. The rug is thought to be the finest of all Persian carpets today and considered to be collectible rare pieces. They are characterized by high knot density, extremely detailed patterns and high quality materials. Carpets from Isfahan are to be regarded as excellent craftsmanship. Woven on a Silk warp with fine wool and mixture of silk, this rug is highly prized which will appreciate in value. This rug is signed by the master weavers name with the region name of Isfahan.

In the city and in its surroundings a large number of workshops can be found. Many of them have a world reputation such as Seirafian, Davari, Enteshar and Haghighi. The patterns are often inspired by the mosques tile works, or the gardens of the cities and palaces. Carpets from Isfahan have high class when it comes to the composition of the patterns, materials and designs. They are characterized by thin, often carpets with extremely high knot density (senneh knot) that sometimes are made on silk warp. The material, mostly wool, and colours are made of the highest quality. The motifs often consists of medallions with palmettes and arabesques Shah Abbas Pattern but figural motifs also occur.

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