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180 cm x 237 cm

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  • Name: Lori 
  • Size: 180 cm W x 237 cm L
  • Woven: Hand-Knotted 
  • Age: Contemporary (not used)
  • Origin: Persian
  • Pile: 100% Wool
  • Foundation: 100% Cotton
  • Dying : Natural dyes
  • UNIQUE: Only 1 in stock
  • CERTIFIED GENUINE: Comes with Certificate of Authenticity

Among tribal rugs, the Lori rug is one of the most notable due to its rarity. This antique Lori rug is knotted by the Loris, a nomadic tribe in southwestern Iran. The carpet often has geometric patterns and sometimes resemble the Ghashghai carpets. Lori rugs, it is first important to note their use of superior wool, which is often obtained from flocks overseen by Lurish shepherds, who ensure healthy grazing and watering sources. Not only does this wool give rise to a supple and durable rug, but it also guarantees the threads which make up the weft will easily absorb, and thus retain, their natural dyes for the duration of the carpet’s lifetime.More than other rugs from the region, the Lori rug’s color palette features rich and vibrant shades that speak boldly of their unique nomadic traditions and dynamic way of life. It is not uncommon to see stunning reds, healthy blues, lively greens as well as audacious yellows and oranges combining effectively upon a Lori rug’s structure.


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